Digital Marketing Services for driving qualified traffic to capture leads and make sales.

Your website won’t deliver an ROI without targeted traffic

Once you have a great website set up, you need to get people to it if you are going to see a return on your investment. Our experienced team creates highly effective campaigns using a number of resources deployed, working together as part of a reliable system, based on battle tested strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website to appear in search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo… when people are searching for your business or products.

Achieving a high page rank is achieved by a mixture of things which are normally broken down into: On-site and Off-site.

On-site SEO is all the changes made on your website as search friendly as possible, while Off-site is about getting other trusted websites to link back to your pages which show search engines that you can be trusted.

This is one of the slower options to build up but, over time can prove to be a very powerful yet cheap way of driving targeted traffic. As it can take time to see the results we can work with you to ensure you are on the right track from the start by either implementing or guiding you though the process.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Content Marketing is all about creating useful & original material around a digital marketing plan for interacting with your market. A successful Content Marketing strategy can be a powerful tool for your company, encouraging people to share your content to increase your visibility or to build your authority as you become a reference point in your market.

There are a huge range of mediums & factors that can be blended into an effective content marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Ads, Email Marketing, Podcasts, PR, Social Media, Video Marketing, Reports, Surveys, Forums…

We can help you understand what will resonate with your market and how to go about creating a sustainable plan that you can track.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click advertising allows you to instantly become visible and drive traffic to your website from search engines or websites where your potential clients spend time by bidding on keywords.

We can handle everything from researching what opportunities exist for your business, setting up your campaign, to monitoring and optimising your campaign to identify waste and maximise your return on investment.

The main platforms we focus on are…

  • Google Adwords

    Google Ads probably has the most significant reach of all the advertising platforms online, split into two areas; Display and Search. Display allows you to place image and text ads on millions of websites across the internet, while Search allows you to instantly get to the top of Google searches.

    If you want to get in front of customers quickly and know your website will convert visitors into customers, using Google Ads, we can effectively turn on a stream of targeted traffic instantly.

  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook is by far the most popular social network in the world, with more than 1 billion people visiting and interacting on the site each month. Facebook collects a significant amount of information around their users allowing us to create highly targeted campaigns for driving traffic to your website.

    Facebook ads are particularly powerful for promoting consumer products but can also be great for targeting B2B clients as everyone has a Facebook profile.

  • Retargeting

    Retargeting Ads are a relatively new concept but equally powerful as the other PPC methods as they allow you to create targeted promotions, visible only to people who have already been to your website.

    Retargeting Ads allow you to show special promotions to people who have been to your page already, it also has the effect of keeping you visible to people who were not in a position to buy when they were on your website but are planning to make a purchase in the future.

Monitoring and Improvement

We believe tracking the results from your marketing campaign is critical to getting you the best return possible.

We constantly use advanced analytics to tell you how visitors get to your website and which strategies are proving to be the most profitable and we constantly adjust the campaign accordingly.