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Ever wanted to pursue your passion for fashion? …learn how to build a fashion business from your bedroom on Instagram.

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Hopefully, you’re here because you are a creative, buzzing with all sorts of awesome ideas for a fashion, beauty or lifestyle business and you are ready to build a platform to share your creativity with the world.

If so, you have come the perfect place. You are about to discover everything you need to launch a fashion business online. From the process of deciding which opportunity is best for you, through to getting you own boutique online and saving thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.

Our aim with this course was to empower anyone who wants to inspire the world but, might be having a little trouble  figuring out how and where to get started. No matter where you are starting from; on a tight budget? Haven’t managed to get your community bigger than your best friends? No idea about the right tools and strategies that all the career bloggers use? – no problem, this course is for you!

Discover how to…

Connect Globally

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion

Teach and inspire

Build a platform for your passion, share your makeup, styling tips and tutorials to help others gain confidence from your ideas and experience

Develop relationships

Make it easy for like-minded people to discover your work who share your passion and want to join you on your journey

Become a #GirlBoss

Take control of your time by learning how to make money from your business so you can work on it as much or as little as you want: building boutiques, working with brands…

Showcase your talent

Confidently showcase your work with a professional Instagram account and show what you are capable of; brands and clients and followers

Connect with influencers

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion

Drive engagement

Rather than buying fake followers, build a community of real people who comment, like, subscribe and, share your content for you

Save time & money

Make the most of what you have now and avoid having to spend thousands in the future by gaining the skills and confidence that comes with being in control

Express Yourself

Go beyond sharing your passion with friends and family, start building relationships with people around the world who share your passion

Build an Engaged Community

Discover how we create large engaged communities of people who will share your passion and look forward to your every post with excitement

Increase visitors & traffic

Understand how to drive traffic from all over Instagram to your blog or boutique and how to get visitors back each time you create new content

Promote your shop

Learn how to create a boutique and drive sales by pushing targeted traffic to your ebay, etsy, online or offline boutique, so you can spend more time focused on you passion

More than 70 lessons packed with actionable information…

The IG Fashion Academy is a 4 week, intensive program covering all of the strategies we share with our clients at Armoury Digital AND, some new ones, that we haven’t shared with them yet!

This course gives you access to video lessons, which you have lifetime access to and you can watch from anywhere in the world. The course covers 4 major areas of starting fashion business from Instagram.

1. Introduction to the Academy & Getting Started

The program kicks off by explaining what to expect and making sure that you have the basics covered. Including what types of accounts you can create and, how to go about giving yourself the best possible start.

2. Monetization

Once the basics are covered in week one, you move onto Module 2, which is about the options you have for making money on Instagram as a fashion business.

We explain the options and show you the quickest and easiest ways to get started with each of them. So you can decide which type of business will be best for you and, get started right away. (For example, some people want to start a boutique and others want to be able to make money while they travel around the world.)

3. Traffic & Automation

Once you have decided on the type of business you want to create, Module 3 is all about how to get followers. We walk you through the most powerful options for getting followers to your business and how you can lighten the workload with some of the best automation tools. We also show you the techniques for getting them to buy your products or service.

4. Managing Your Business

In the final week, Module 4, we explain how to go about understanding what goes into running a business and, we go into some detail here showing those of you who want to get more advanced how we use models to work out how to scale a business to reach your financial goals.


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Start Now – $497

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